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Getting Back to Pain Free Running – Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries are the most common reason for runners to have to alter their training or pull out of races. Certainly, errors in running form, shoes, and training mileage/intensity contribute to these injuries; however there is also a biomechanical aspect to many of these problems.

A concept that is gradually being embraced more in sports medicine is muscle firing patterns. As with any physical activity or motion there are key, or primary, muscles involved for stability or propulsion during running […]

Mother’s Day Contest Winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Mother’s Day Photo Contest! We loved them all. Here is a list of our 5 Favorites and The winner!





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Laughing Matter

Staying fit has become a very serious matter. We have miles to conquer, muscles to break down, pounds to lose and competitors to beat!

Among the ever growing number of ironman triathletes, vegetarian ultra runners, meditating yogi masters, cross fit maniacs, and solo mountaineers I have started to wonder where the visible signs of enjoyment are? Have we traded in the smiles, jokes, and laughter during training and racing and replaced them with blisters, muscle cramps, saddle sores, and sunburns? […]

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Make It Simple

When I finally arrive in Vail for a women’s empowerment workshop I wonder why it seemed so difficult to get away and why I was even having second thoughts about leaving. Hmmm, work or go to the mountains for an outdoor adventure retreat designed to rejuvenate and nourish mind, body, and spirit? The answer suddenly couldn’t be simpler.

The next few days are packed with activities (yoga, hiking, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, and equine empowerment, speakers, and seminars. I decided […]

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Financial Fitness Vs. Physical Fitness

Do financial fitness and physical fitness have a natural conflict for time in our busy lives? Or is there room for both? The time it takes most of us to earn a living seems to often preclude being able to carve out enough time to exercise regularly. The most popular excuse for lack of fitness is not having enough time. Is the problem that the amount of time we need to maintain financial fitness the real culprit of our […]

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Assets of Performance

Sitting is our worst enemy when it comes to many health and fitness issues. No “butts” about it, after watching the Olympics, it is obvious that athletic power, speed and overall performance are rooted in the area most of us use mainly as a seat cushion. Physical therapists, including my own, are always emphasizing strengthening and activation of the gluteus maximus. When it comes to athletic performance, avoiding injury, and looking good in jeans, form equals function regarding this […]

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Walk and Talk

Recently I wrote an article concerning the importance of parents as wellness role models for their children. However, as we transition into adulthood the importance of positive role models seems to decrease if not be forgotten, but I believe we all need these types of people to look to as we journey through life. Funny thing is, sometimes they don’t even know they are providing motivation or support to on looking bystanders.

My wife and I moved to our neighborhood […]

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I made my New Year’s resolutions last month so I could get an early start. I had the normal resolutions: lose 10 pounds, work on my upper body strength, improve my diet, cut back on beer and finally spend less time in front of the television. So when a friend invited me to go snowshoeing on January 1st I immediately accepted. What a nice opportunity to start the New Year off on the right foot. This would be a […]

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